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Encrypting Emails

Encrypting emails; sending us the referral form securely.

Not all encryption services are equal. If you are unsure of how encryption works please ask your IT department.

NHS encryption email service:  If the sender and receiver both have an email address then you can send secure emails through this service. This is generally an internal email service and can be used by GP surgeries, nurses and health visitors.

Self-referrals and Non-NHS referrers: You can use Gmail, Outlook or Hotmail to send encrypted emails but these are external services provided to you by Google and Microsoft.  These encryption tools may not always work they way we intend them to.  If we are unable to open your encrypted email it will not be recorded as so and we may be blocked from replying so do call us in a few days to check we had recieved and opened your email. 

Password Protecting a file:  A file can be password protected but the password should a minimum of 13 characters made up of a random combination of alphanumerical characters and symbols for the strongest possible protection. The password should then be supplied to the receiver via a different medium such as text message or by telephoning admin at 01902 424147.

Posting: You can post a referral to us if you are unsure of how to encrypt emails but we consider this the least secure method and you do so at your own risk. Postal address is Family Support Service by SCTSP, Paycare House, George Street, Wolverhampton, WV2 4DX.